CTE Internship Opportunities

Company Name5th Axis LLC
Company Websitehttps://www.5th-axis.com/
Internship Job Posting Title5th Axis Manufacturing Internship
Internship Description

Due to our small company size, the intern will be able to work on several different projects and oversee many different processes at 5th Axis. The purpose is to expose the intern to almost every portion of our manufacturing process. We do both composite, fiberglass laminate, work and CNC routing on 3 and 5-axis machines. The intern will have the opportunity to work on or oversee all aspects of these processes. Due to time constraints, the intern will not be able to become an expert in each area of production. But our goal is to show them the entire manufacturing process. Hopefully, by the end of the internship they will have a better understanding of what it takes to both run a manufacturing business and how an idea is turned into a physical product. Unless the intern shows a strong desire towards a specific trade. They will then spend their time performing that specific job for the deration of the internship.

Intern Responsibilities

For the CNC routered parts, the intern will be responsible for programming and running the CNC machines. If time allows or shows a strong interest, the intern will be able to work on 5-axis parts, but because of the complexity of these parts the intern will only work on 3-axis parts. They will also clean and package parts for shipment. Aswell as, observe how shipments are executed and how material management is handled. For the composite work, the intern will see how patterns are made and how we use that pattern to create parts. They will learn how to prep patterns for laminating and how to laminate the parts themselves. After part is complete, it will be taken out of the pattern and the intern will learn how to clean, fair, sand, and paint composite parts, to get it ready for shipment.

Intern Desired Qualifications

There are no necessary qualifications for the intern as long as they have a desire to learn what we do. Ideally, a high school degree and some experience with power tools would be beneficial. Any intern under 18 will not be able to run machines or equipment without close supervision.

Internship Address35 Mechanic Street
Hope Valley, Rhode Island 02832
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Start Date06/13/2022
End Date09/02/2022
Internship CoordinatorTimothy Ketelhut
Internship Coordinator EmailEmail hidden; Javascript is required.
Internship Coordinator Phone(860) 367-3552
Program Webinar October 21, 2021 at 9:00 AM EST